API 6FB Fire Safe test data is now available for the Halo Seal. The goal of the investigation was the qualification of the Halo Seal – Kammprofile in accordance to the API Specification 6FB (dated December 2008): API specification for Fire Test for end connections.

The Fire Test according to API 6FB (dated December 2008) requires that any sealing end connection hold for 30 minutes in a flame condition and hold for a cool down period. After the assembly is cooled down to room temperature, the line is depressurised and then re-pressurised. During all facets of the test the gasket must not exceed an API proscribed leak rate.

In the fire test a 6″ 300# flange is pressurised with a test pressure of 75% of the API rated working pressure. The test pressure is maintained during the burn and cool-down period. After 5 minutes a fire is established and the flame temperature is monitored. The average of the thermocouples must reach 760°C within 2 minutes and the average of the calorimeter shall reach 650°C within 15 minutes. The burn period lasts for 30 minutes. After the burn period the connection is air-cooled down to 100°C or less. After cooling down the flange is depressurised and the pressure increased again to the test pressure held for 5 minutes.